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Corporate Officers
in the Philippines

Corporate Officers vary with each entity available for local and international investors. Here is the rundown for each entity. 


domestic corporation under fia

Under the Domestic Corporation under FIA or a 100% foreign-owned company, foreigners can be the incorporators, shareholders, and the President of the company. For the treasurer part, as long as an individual is a resident of the Philippines, he or she can be assigned as the treasurer.


 Shareholders          Incorporators           President           Treasurer           Corporate Secretary

Foreigner 1

Foreigner 2

Philippine Resident

Philippine Resident

Domestic Corporation under 60-40

Under the Domestic Corporation under 60-40 set-up, foreigners can be the incorporators and shareholders of the company as long as it is up to 40% only and the majority must still be locals. The corporate officers must all be Filipino citizens.


 Shareholders          Incorporators           President           Treasurer           Corporate Secretary

Foreigner 1

Filipino Citizen 1

Philippine Resident

Filipino Citizen 2

Domestic Corporation for 100% Filipino-owned

If the corporation will be 100% Filipino-owned, all the officers, incorporators, and shareholders must be Filipino citizen as well. 


we will help you decide which entity is best suited for the nature of the business

Reach out to us to know more about the different entities and corporate structures in the Philippines. 

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