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Rundown of the Maternity Benefit in the Philippines

Maternity benefit is commonly used in the corporate world. Listed down below are the basic information you need to know about it.


what is a maternity benefit?

The Expanded Maternity Leave under R.A. No. 11210 is an act increasing the maternity leave period to one hundred and five (105) calendar days for female workers with pay and an option to extend for an additional thirty (30) days without pay. This also grants an extension of fifteen (15) days for solo mothers and other purposes. 

what are the eligibility for this benefit?


Public Sector 

Any pregnant female worker in the government service, regardless of employment status and length of service, in National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) or Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs).


Private Sector 

An employee must have paid at least 3 monthly SSS contributions in the 12 month period immediately preceding the semester of the birth, miscarriage, or termination.


Self-employed/Voluntary/OFW SSS members

They should have remitted to the SSS at least three (3) monthly contributions in the twelve (12)-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth, miscarriage, or emergency termination of pregnancy.

Maternity Leave shall be granted to female workers in any instance of pregnancy or miscarriage, regardless of frequency. This shall likewise apply to overlapping miscarriages. 

benefit claims

In the event where there is an overlapping of two (2) maternity benefit claims, the female member shall be granted maternity benefits for the two contingencies in a consecutive manner. However, the amount of benefits corresponding to the period where there is an overlap shall be deducted from the current maternity benefit claim. 

Also, the female SSS member shall be paid only one maternity benefit, regardless of offspring, per delivery.

Leave Benefits Allocation

A female worker entitled to maternity leave benefits may, at her option, allocate up to seven (7) days of said benefits to the child’s father, whether or not the same is married to the female worker. In the absence of the father, the female employee may still allocate said maternity leaves to the following:


  1. Alternate caregiver who is either a relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity

  2. Current partner, regardless of gender, who shares with her the same household.


Aside from not being able to renew their business permits, employers who refuse to provide such benefits shall have the following consequences.


  • Fine from P20,000.00 to P200,000.00; or

  • Imprisonment for at least 6 years and 1 day or not more than 12 years.



For more information in relation to Maternity Benefit in the Philippines, schedule a meeting with us! We will be happy to educate you more!

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