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JMI understands the importance of a great workforce. Hence, we are committed to providing the best sourcing and talent acquisition services within and outside Metro Manila.


Our recruiters and headhunters have a comprehensive experience making it possible for the team to fill out diverse positions in different industries. To ensure that the candidates have the best interest and potential, we will conduct pre-employment tests to further assess their job knowledge, personality, skills, and cognitive abilities.


Our team will guide you through the entire process. The time interval can vary from 15-60 days, depending on the position and other requirements. 


  1. Company Registration Certificates

  2. Company Profile

  3. Signed Agreement Letter between JMI and your Company

  4. Recruitment Information Sheet (job description, job qualifications, benefits, and salary range)

what is the recruitment process?

Assessment of Requirements.png

Assessment of the Requirements

You will provide us your list of requirements so we can inform you of the current salary trend and other information that the position requires.

Talent Sourcing.png

Talent Sourcing

In addition to our set of highly skilled set talents, our recruitment team will proceed with the job postings and talent sourcing.

Shortlisting of Candidates.png

Shortlisting of Candidates

The candidates will go through an interview process with our team. This will consist of the interview itself and assessment examination/s.

Interview with the Client.png

Interview with the Client

The shortlisted candidates’ interview and assessment results will be submitted to the client. Once the client confirms the list of candidates they want to interview, we will have them scheduled accordingly.

Reference Check.png

 Reference Checks

This will serve as a security measure for the company, its employees, and the candidates. With the authorization of the candidates, we will contact the candidates' former employers, co-workers, and educators to verify previous employment and to obtain information about the individual's knowledge, skills, abilities, and character. 

Job Offer.png

Job Offer

Once all the documents and information have been finalized, the Job Offer will be made to the desired candidate/s. JMI will ensure that both parties sign the Offer Letter and Contracts with full understanding.

Pre-employment Administration.png

Pre-employment Administration

Finally, JMI will assist you regarding the completion of pre-employment documents.


we will help you with all your recruitment needs

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with our Sales Team and let's talk about your business plans in the Philippines.


Business Registration Service.png


Our service delivery team will help you jumpstart your business here in the Philippines. Ensuring all your permits and licenses are in compliance with the different  government agencies in the country. 

Accounting Services.png

Accounting Services

Our accounting team will organize the records of your financial transactions, preparation of financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Tax Compliance Service.png

Monthly and Quarterly Tax Compliance 

Our tax team will accommodate you with your tax compliance and ensure your tax filings are up to date.

HR Services.png


Our HR team will assist you with salary and incentive structures, organization development, record management, and all the other necessary HR guidance and solutions.

Recruitment Service.png

Recruitment Service

Our recruitment team will help you source the best candidate in rank-and-file, middle management, senior management, C-level, and other specialized positions.

Corporate Secretarial Service.png

Corporate Secretarial 

Our legal team offers the Corporate Secretarial Service because we understand that not all clients have a trusted person yet in the Philippines to handle this corporate role. 

Payroll Service.png


Our payroll team will help you set up and process your payroll, and remit mandatory government contributions in a timely manner. You will also be able to customize some parts of the payroll process.

EOR Service.png

Employer of the Records Service

JMI can help businesses who would like to employ Filipino employees without having the need to establish a Philippine-based entity. We will assist you with all your company needs.

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