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Appointing a Corporate Secretary and Perks of Outsourcing One

Jumpstarters Manila offers Corporate Secretarial Services to local and foreign companies

what is a corporate secretary and why is it necessary?

A Corporate Secretary is a strict officer requirement when setting up a Corporation in the Philippines. The Securities and Exchange Commissions registration will not be completed without fulfilling the said officer requirement. 

what are the requirements to be a corporate secretary?

The main requirement to be a Corporate Secretary is to be a Natural Filipino Citizen that is residing in the Philippines. There is no required educational attainment as long as it comply with the nationality and residency requirement.

What are the roles of a corporate secretary IN THE PHILIPPINES?

Under the Law, the Corporate Secretary's tasks are the following below. The tasks can also be granted other duties as long as it legal and under the By-laws of the company.

  • Safekeeping of corporate documents such as the Corporate By-laws, Articles of Incorporation, Board Resolutions, and etc.

  • Prepare and document the Minutes of the Meeting of the Shareholders and Board of Directors annually

  • Other duties can also be the filing of the annual general information sheet or GIS as per SEC requirements

why should you avail of the corporate secretarial service? 

A lot of interested foreign investors in the Philippines do not have a trusted partner yet to assign as their company's corporate secretary. By availing the Corporate Secretarial Service of Jumpstarters Manila, you will be assured that the assigned person from the team is trusted and have the knowledge to execute the mandated tasks of a corporate secretary. 

Since the corporate secretary will be handling the safekeeping of the corporate documents and preparation of other documents required to be submitted annually, the person in-charge must also have an excellent understanding on the latest and relevant corporate laws. 

Jumpstarters Manila can execute the corporate secretarial duties for your corporation.


outsource your corporate secretarial needs with us

Reach out to us to know more about this service and why it is an integral part of company registration.

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