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HIre remote staff without a local entity

Jumpstarters Manila provides Employer of the Records Service wherein you do not need to go through the hassle of registering your own corporation. 

It is not surprising that more and more foreign companies prefer to choose staffing service or Employer of the Records Service in the Philippines since Filipinos are known to be proficient and excellent English speakers. 

What is an Employer of the Records Service?

Employer of the Record Service is a service offered by JMI for companies who would like to employ Filipino employees without having the need to establish a Philippine-based entity. 

Who will be hiring the employees?

JMI can assist with the recruitment of employees through our Recruitment Service. If the company has local freelance employee/s already, they can be under the EOR service as well.

Can both local and foreign employees be under the EOR service?

As of the moment, local employees can be catered under the EOR service. The employees will be under JMI but will fully work under the supervision of the employer.

What are the inclusions under the EOR Service?

  • Complete salary computation (including the additional pays such as overtime pay and holiday pay, government contributions, taxes, etc.)

  • Preparation and/or distribution of the payslip

  • Government contribution remittance

  • Tax remittance


Curious on how the EOR service works?

Book a consultation with us to know more

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with our Sales Team and let's talk about your business plans in the Philippines.


Business Registration Service.png


Our service delivery team will help you jumpstart your business here in the Philippines. Ensuring all your permits and licenses are in compliance with the different  government agencies in the country. 

Accounting Services.png

Accounting Services

Our accounting team will organize the records of your financial transactions, preparation of financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Tax Compliance Service.png

Monthly and Quarterly Tax Compliance 

Our tax team will accommodate you with your tax compliance and ensure your tax filings are up to date.

HR Services.png


Our HR team will assist you with salary and incentive structures, organization development, record management, and all the other necessary HR guidance and solutions.

Recruitment Service.png

Recruitment Service

Our recruitment team will help you source the best candidate in rank-and-file, middle management, senior management, C-level, and other specialized positions.

Corporate Secretarial Service.png

Corporate Secretarial 

Our legal team offers the Corporate Secretarial Service because we understand that not all clients have a trusted person yet in the Philippines to handle this corporate role. 

Payroll Service.png


Our payroll team will help you set up and process your payroll, and remit mandatory government contributions in a timely manner. You will also be able to customize some parts of the payroll process.

EOR Service.png

Employer of the Records Service

JMI can help businesses who would like to employ Filipino employees without having the need to establish a Philippine-based entity. We will assist you with all your company needs.

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