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Why Choose EOR Service in the Philippines?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Having your own business might be one of your lifelong dreams. While it is a great time to set up your own business, you may also want to test out the waters first.

As much as we can help you set up a business, we can also help you have a great understanding of your other option, the Employer of Record Service.

Employer of Record service helps you to hire and manage your own employees according to your company operations, in accordance with the Philippine laws, without having the need to establish a Philippine-based entity.

Cost and Time Efficient

With EOR service, you will not have to worry about the business registration fees, the monthly, quarterly, and annual dues. We can help you settle all of these in a timely manner.

We know that in a company setup, there are necessary roles but do not really relate to the company’s nature. Through this service, you can have the employees that are only vital to your business. If you are a Software Company, then only have developers and programmers, and leave the other necessary functions to us.

Work Ethics

All business owners aspire to have employees who are committed to their work and help the business grow while of course, being equally compensated and nurtured.

Since EOR allows you to have your own employees, you can search and find the right fit for your needs. JMI can help you find the perfect candidate, just let us know your preferences.

Having individuals become a part of your organization, you have the power to train them according to your company values and guidelines, and ensure that the company’s services are executed appropriately.


During these trying times, people prefer to work from home or just wherever they feel comfortable and productive. EOR makes this setup possible.

You do not have to worry whether the employees are doing their tasks or not, aside from we can help you find employees who are passionate about what they do, you also have the capability to control and assess their workload.

If ever there is a need for the employees to be in an office setup, we can assist you with an office space with a stable internet connection and necessary office equipment.

JMI can help you from hiring, to creating HR documents such as company handbooks and contracts, to payroll management, and tax filings. Email us at!

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